Factors influneceing the Country development

Generally, when we are talking about the countries we can divide as developed countries and developing countries. Some factors are influencing the country's development. Such as
  1. Per capita  Income
  2. Literacy rate
  3. Infant Mortality Rate
  4. Unemployment Ratio
  5. Poverty 
Above mentioned factors are determining the country or state development. Let me explain how to effect those things for the development of a country or state.

Country development

Per capita Income

 Before understanding the Per capital income you need to know the total income of the country and the Average income of the country.
The income from all the residents of a country is called the total income of the country.  An average income which is divided by the total population of the country is called an average income of the country. In other terms, an average income is called Per capita income.
As per the world bank report, 2018 Indian per capita income is 2009.97

How to calculate Per capita income:
Per capita income = Total income of the country/population of the country

Literacy rate

The persons who are aged 7 and above can able to read and write in any one language he/ she is considered literate. It is expressed in the percentage.
As per 2011 reports Indian literacy rate is 74.04%

How to calculate the literacy rate:
Effect literacy rate= number of literate persons aged 7 and above/number of persons aged 7 and above of the country in a given year* 100

Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)

The word infant means the child aged up to one year. The infant mortality rate is considered as the number of child death for 1000 live births.
As per the NITI Ayog reports in 2016, the Infant mortality rate of India is 34.

How to calculate the Infant mortality rate:
Infant mortality rate = No of child death less than 1 year/1000 live birth


An employee is a person who gets the salary or wages for his work. The persons who are looking for employment are called unemployed. An unemployment ratio is defined by the number of persons unemployed in the labor force. where the labor force includes both employed and unemployed persons.
As per the National Sample Survey, the Indian unemployment rate is 49.29% in 2019

How to calculate an unemployment ratio:
unemployment ratio = Unemployed / labour force*100


Poverty is the state of being poor. Poverty means not having enough needs to survive in the society for basic needs of food, shelter, clothes, sanitation, and health facilities.

How to calculate the Poverty rate in India:
The world bank has given measurement for calculating poverty in India. The urban living peoples who don't get minimum Rs 1000/- income per month and Rs 816/- in rural areas, those are suffered from poverty. 

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