Agriculture Marketing System in India. Difficulties of Indian Agriculture System. Measures to Protect the Farmers form Losses

 Agriculture in India

When we thought that Indian economic development we can start with India as the fastest growing economy in the world. we are hearing this from 1950 when Indian Planning Commission was established. But still, now we didn't achieve it. The main reason behind the falling Indian GDP is Indian Agriculture Market System. Because most of the peoples in India living in rural areas. The main source of the rural peoples is Agriculture allied activities. India is in the first place in producing agriculture products in the world. But when it comes to the output of agriculture India is in third place. The reason behind the failure of the Indian Agriculture Marketing System. Once Gandhi said that the development of  India means not the urbanization, industrialization it means the development of rural. It is possible only when the income of farmers is increasing. So, the generation of rural income depends on the effective and perfect agriculture market system.


The Agriculture Market System involves assembling, storage, processing, transportation, packing, and finally distribution of products to the markets across India. 

In the long process, the farmers are facing lots of difficulties, while selling their products traders are manipulating the farmers from faulty weighing and showing wrong accounts of farmers who did not have a proper idea about the market price. Even today also most of the Markets don't have storage facilities. Traders are taking an advantage of this and forced the farmers to sell the products at low prices and they sell at other places for high prices in this process most of the farmers are facing losses. Lack of proper storage facilities every year 10% of the goods produced by the farmers are wasted. if the same process is going on Agriculture Market System India will definitely facing scarcity of food and a fall in GDP.

The government have to take some  measures to protects the farmers 


 The first step in regulating the markets. As before we discuss most of the markets don't have storage facilities. Using large markets and providing better storage facilities. Provision of infrastructures like Road transport, warehouses, cold storages, and processing units. The present infrastructure is unable to meet as demand for the products. Every farmer must have to know the market price of products. The lack of market knowledge leads to farmers' loss. And the most important thing is an assurance of the Minimum Support Price for agriculture because India's large part of agriculture depends on the rainfalls. Usually, the farmers are losing with short rainfall as well as heavy rainfall despite the worst situation also farmers doing farming. so, the government has to provide a Minimum Support Price for the agricultural products. This initiative can encourage farmers to continue in agriculture.


The migration of the farmers from agriculture to related activities like Fishing, Poultry, Horticulture, Milk production fertilizers can generate more income for farmers. The government can give freedom to farmers to sell their products where they will get a better price.

If those measurements can be taken by the Indian government definitely we will see  India as a developed country.

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