Environmentalist Sunderlal Bahuguna passed away

 Great environmentalist Sunderlal Bahuguna passed away due to covid at the age of 94.

Sunderlal Bahuguna well know for CHIPKO movement. Bahuguna raised his voice with slogan of "Ecology is permanent Economy". He is the pioneer of the environmental protection  movement in India. Bahuguna had fought for protection of forests in the Himalayas through non- violented agitation. Chipko moment started in the year of 1970 in Garhwali region the villagers hugging the trees to stop from axed. Campaigned against the Tehri Dam on Bhagirathi river also went to jail in 1995. Held Padayaatra for 4800 km in 1980 to bring the attention to the entire Himalayan region. Even our Prime minister Indira Gandhi also noticed there movement and strictly given to order stop cutting down the trees for next 15years. 


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