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A very common question to all parents which course is better for there Children's after 10th. Parents and students are thinking about the students education regarding the what are the available  courses after 10th and which course is better after10th for there children's. Because it is crucial period for students education to build there career in with respective field. So parents and students are must aware about what to do next and which course is best. Choosing best course and suitable course for the students is a important thing to build there career. It is fully depends on what they choose after 10th class.  So it must to have complete knowledge of  the course which is best filed to choose after 10th. Have you ever think about what are the available options after 10th class or any corresponding courses after 10th. 
Before going to know about the course details students can know what are the interested subjects and Capacity of the students in subjects. In simple words selection of the course is must be based on  students interest and caliber. 

Parents should guide there children's to build career in perfect manner. for examples most of the students dreamed as become a Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, IAS, Businessman, Farming & Teachers etc., But they have lack knowledge  to reach there goals. If the students starts there career with inadequate knowledge it will be going to useless. Here we can guide the parents and students to select perfect course after 10th.  

Courses after 10th

Intermediate Courses
Diploma Courses 
Vocational Courses 
ITI Courses 
Certificate Courses

After 10th Intermediate Courses:

Intermediate is the one of the common option after 10th class. Central Board of Secondary Education and State Board of Intermediate Education provides the intermediate courses in every states. Board of Intermediate Education issue the notification regarding the academic admissions in official portal. candidates can check and apply for there interested courses. Board also offering some scholarships to the students. Here we mentioned courses which are offered by most of the Intermediate Boards. All intermediate courses duration is 2years.
  • MPC
  • BiPC
  • MEC
  • CEC
  • HEC

Mathematics, Physcial Science and Chemistry are main subjects in this group. Apart form that 1st language and 2nd languages are common subjects  to all groups in intermediate. The students who interested to Engineering, Software, Technology and Technical field can go through the MPC after 10th. After completion of the MPC they can join in Degree or B.Tech  ( Engineering) courses for bright career. The students who have interested in Maths and Science better to take MPC course in intermediate. In central jobs like Navy and Defense  they are preferred to recruit  the students from only Maths and Physics background in intermediate.


Biology, Phycial Science, Chemistry are the core subjects in BiPC. As well as 1st & 2nd languages are common. The Students who have interested in the field of Medical Career can take the BiPC course. After Intermediate students can go through Degree, B.Pharmacy, BDS, MBBS, Agriculture degree, Horticulture & Veterinary courses by there respective entrance exams. 


 This course is the combination of CEC and MPC. The students who interested in Maths as well as Commerce can go through the MEC. Maths, Economics, Commerce are the main subjects in this group with 2 languages. Very few are know about the course. From the recent, strength of the students in this course increasing. Candidates who are searching for the Commerce course after 10th MEC is the best option.
students who have interested in  Accounts, Finance, Banking, Insurance,  Marketing, Business Administration, CA, CS, CMA& Tax Consultant  for those profession MEC is the best choice. The MEC students well versed in Maths as well as Commerce in two different subjects  at a time. 


CEC is the completely arts group. Generally the students who have interested in arts subjects and  who are not interested and Maths& Science can join CEC. Civics, Economics and Commerce are the  core subjects and as well as 1st language & 2nd language. The students who wanted prepare for the competitive exams like State Public Service Commission exams and Union Public Services Exams can preferred to join in CEC.  Why because most of the competitive exams syllabus are equal to CEC background syllabus. They can also go for the Accounts, Finance, Marketing, CA, CS, CMA& Tax Consultant profession but compare to MEC background students it is some difficult to CEC students. 


Now a days very few of the students can choose for the HEC. Even in Most of the colleges are not offering HEC group. History, Economics, Civics are the main subjects in this course. HEC students also have better knowledge by comparing CEC students for Competitive exams. 

As we mentioned above some are particular groups are need in intermediate for some specific career. But some courses and professions don't require any special courses in intermediate. Students form any stream in intermediate can apply and purse the course and do the profession. For example Teacher, Lawyer, Banker, Police& Civil Servants. The students who have successfully completed there intermediate and degree with minimum marks can do those profession by cracking entrance exams.

IIIT: Indian Institute of Information Technology

Students after completing the 10th class can apply for the IIIT. It is an integrated engineering degree. Students who have interested in pursuing engineering, IIIT is the best choice. Duration of the IIIT course is 6years. Some universities offering IIIT courses in autonomous way. Here we mentioned some IIIT BASARA, IIIT HYDERABAD, IIIT IDUPULAPAYA, IIIT NUZIVIDU, IIIT ONGOLE. Candidates can check the Official portal for the admission notification. Notification contains some requirements for an admission they are. Regular and recent 10th Pass out, Age should not more than 18years etc., 

After 10th Diploma Courses: 
  • Diploma in Engineering/ Non- Engineering & Technology
  • Diploma in Agriculture
  • Diploma in Hotel Management 
Diploma in Engineering: 

The State Board of Technical Education and Training (SBTET) conduct the Polytechnic Common Entrance Test for the candidates seeking admission in to diploma courses in Engineering/ Non- Engineering& Technology offered by the private and govt institutions. Through the POLYCET candidates can get the admission in Diploma in Civil Engineering, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Diploma in Computer Engineering, Diploma in Textile Engineering& Diploma in Mining etc...Polytechnic is the best option for Diploma courses after 10th in Engineering filed.

From this year  POLYCET conducting the entrance examination for Diploma courses in Bio Technology after 10th they are, Diploma in Agriculture, Agriculture Engineering, Organic Engineering and Seed Technology etc., courses . Agriculture Universities offering this courses. The students who have interested in Pursuing Agricultural related courses can get admission in courses through POLYCET. 

Diploma in Hotel Management: 

Hotel Management institutes offering Degree courses as well as Diploma courses. The students who wants to do Diploma course in Hotel Management can join by getting an admission into Hotel Management Institutes. 

Vocational Courses:

Students who have interested in Vocational courses can join in after the 10th. State Board of Intermediate Education conducting the admissions in vocational courses. The object behind the vocational courses is develop the employment skill and technical skill. In the vocational courses offering practical knowledge to the students to improve working habits. Duration of  the vocational courses is 2 years. Different types of vocational courses are offered by Board. They are, 

Paramedical Vocational Courses:
  • Medical Lab Technology (MLT)
  • Physiotherapy Technician (PT)
  • Multipurpose Health Worker (MPHW)
  • Ophthalmic Technician (OT)
Commerce Vocational Courses:
  • Accounting& Taxation
  • Marketing& Salesmanship
  • Banking& Financial Services
  • Insurance& Marketing
 Engineering Vocational Courses;
  • Automobile Engineering Technician
  • Construction Technology 
  • Electrical Wiring& Servicing
  • Water Supply& Sanitary Engineering
Agriculture Vocational Courses:
  • Crop Production and Management
  • Dairying
  • Fisheries
  • Sericulture
ITI courses after 10th: 

The main object of the ITI (Industrial Training Institutes) is to providing early employment by improving practical skill. Some students are not interested to pursue degree and higher education they wanted to do self employment. Candidates who have interested in Electrician, Plumbing, Welder, Land Surveyor, Fitting, Wire Housing and Diesel Mechanic etc., can join in ITI. The students after 7th class can also apply for the ITI. According to the course, eligibility is mentioned form 7th to 10th. Duration of the course is depends on selected course from 1year to 2years. 
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Welder
  • Carpenter
  • Plumber
  • Wireman
  • Letter Press Machine Operator
  • Winder
  • Stenography
  • Hand Compositor
  • Mulder
  • Electrician
  • Plastic Processing Operator
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic Course
  • Fitter
  • Motor- Vehicle Mechanic
  • Electronics Mechanic
Certificate Courses:
Few of the students are not interested to continue there study after 10th. They stop education and interested to do work, for those students central govt and state govts are providing some programs. Object behind the programs is develop the students training skill and provide employment opportunities. Most of the this certificate course duration is not more than 100 days. Here we mentioned some of those

NAAC- National Assessment and Accreditation Council is providing the certificate courses for the 10th passed students. By providing free Hostel facility, Scholarship, Certificate & Job placement.

Offering Courses: Electrician, Plumbing, Welding, Land Surveyor, Sales Man, DTP& Supervisor., etc.

PMKVY, Skill India& Rajiv Gandhi Grameena Vidyajyothi Program and so many. 

All those programs aim to reduce the unemployment and poverty by providing an employment opportunities to everyone. Because of an individual development leads to the country development. 

Choose your career what you interested.  

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